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Need help with customs?

Need help with a customs declaration?

Misca Advisors deal with HMRC Policy and the UK Trader Scheme daily, giving our team a unique and unparalleled understanding of the new TSS system, HMRC regulations and customs requirements.

We can help your business increase capacity, reduce customer waiting time and boost customer satisfaction.

What we offer to you:

  1. Customs Declaration Training.
  2. Consultancy and training on Rules of Origin.
  3. Consultancy and training on VAT and Cross-border taxation.
  4. Training on completing Supplementary Declarations and error messages.
  5. Overflow data entry and declaration completions.
  6. Export Controls and licence applications and support.
  7. Customs consulting incl. Special Procedures, Duty waiver and more- just ask!

As with any other enquiry, the easiest way to get in touch with our team is to complete the contact form on this page.

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