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UK Pharmaceutical Companies Among the Most Affected

Since the UK left the EU, the pharmaceutical industry has had to adapt to many new regulations and processes. Understanding these could be crucial to remaining competitive and could even help you get ahead of EU and UK competitors. Here are some of the most important provisions affecting pharmaceutical companies since the trade deal: Rules of origin- Rules of Origin determine the… Read More »UK Pharmaceutical Companies Among the Most Affected

Internationalisation Fund now open for applications

The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) has set up the Internationalisation Fund to help small and medium sized businesses in England expand internationally. The funding can be used for: Consultancy and other international commercial services Market research and market entry advisory IP (intellectual property) advice Independent market visits If you meet the following criteria, you could be eligible for up £9,000… Read More »Internationalisation Fund now open for applications

Understanding Rules of Origin

Rules of Origin determine the ‘economic nationality’ of a good and could qualify you for lower or nil customs duty. In order to qualify for lower or no tariffs, businesses need to sufficiently prove where their product originated from. These are particularly complicated when moving through multiple countries and require a fair bit of paperwork. Rules of Origin under the… Read More »Understanding Rules of Origin

International Trade Facilitation in Asia

At Misca Advisors, our expertise are second to none when it comes to understanding international trade regulations. Not only have we been delivering solutions for UK firms navigating a post Brexit world, we also have experience working in many emerging markets. Read more below. In 2018, Misca Advisors worked with USAID to help facilitate trade growth for SMEs in Afghanistan and India.… Read More »International Trade Facilitation in Asia