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Welcome to Misca Advisors

Our purpose

There are many dimensions of sustainable development; we have long believed that generating prosperity for all is the key to securing it. This is at the heart of our purpose of enabling communities to flourish and thrive.

At Misca Advisors, delivering prosperity is about combining the know-how, expertise and capital of the private sector in generating growth with the public sector’s capabilities in maximising welfare and distributing benefits to all communities. It is also about doing so in a sustainable way.

Misca Advisors has rich experience in making connections between the public and private sector to deliver innovative and successful outcomes for reducing inequality and creating sustainable incomes. For us, generating prosperity for all means:

Transforming business performance

by addressing businesses challenges, building market linkages and mobilising capital.

Enabling growth

by making it easier to do business by assisting governments to help enterprises to prosper.

Being inclusive

by empowering communities to share in the benefits of making it easier to do business by assisting governments to help enterprises to prosper.


by ensuring progress meets society’s current needs without compromising the future.

We help your business grow, efficiently

Our skills are grounded in practical experience of major and complex project delivery and knowledge of what works for businesses and institutions at all stages of their development and regardless of whether they serve a purpose as a social enterprise or for commercial gain. Above all, we are passionate about doing good, and doing it well – and we bring the requisite business management, leadership advisory and commercialisation skills to achieve this aim.

misca rd

Applying technology in delivery

Our subsidiary, Misca RD, established with award-winning UK social technology enterprise, Reason Digital, allows us to add the digital technology and data analytics expertise of over 40 personnel to tackle social issues.

This includes in relation to food security and health service provision to the poorest, development of public awareness campaigns to promote democratic inclusion and environmental conservation among others.